Product Info

History Behind Scare’m Bird Scaring Kites

About eight years ago we were having trouble with pigeon control on the farm, along with every other arable farmer in the country. Every day we would launch bird scaring kites to the air, and after breakfast they would be crashed in the fields again. We had guns that upset the neighbours or were stolen, and many other contraptions which were too heavy to move or just simply fell apart! Something had to be done.

We started a project to design a bird scaring device which could keep pigeons off the crop but that would simultaneously be:-

  • virtually maintenance free
  • quick to put up and take down (matter of minutes) – time saving device
  • working for long periods of time without falling apart
  • cost effective
  • live stock and neighbour friendly

Having made 220 prototypes – we think that Scare’m Bird Scaring Kites have finally solved the problem and do all of the above.

The Scare’m is a self launching pigeon scaring kite. It consists of a telescopic flexible seven metre pole with a specially designed kite attached to the pole on a durable plaited line. It is fixed in the field by simply driving our tough synthetic post into the ground and slotting the pole over the top – all done in a matter of minutes!

What does the Bird Scaring Kite do?

It does what the name suggests – Scare’m scares the pigeons off the crops with little maintenance 24/7!.

We originally designed the Scare’m to keep pigeon off oil seed rape but since the launch of Scare’m we have had farmers using the Scare’m on many other crops including:

  • Brassicas
  • Cover crops
  • Grass seeds
  • Vineyards
  • Fish lakes
  • Allotments

Why does The Scare’m Kite work?

Scare’m bird control kite is made with the highest quality materials to make it as durable as possible.

Unlike many other pigeon scaring devices Scare’m is always changing. It varies its manifestation by altering its flight pattern, speed and height depending on the strength of the wind therefore the pigeons never become accustomed to the Scare’m.

Why do I need one?

If you’ve got pigeons you’ve got problems and you will need a Scare’m to sort the problem. Scare’m bird scaring kite is always flying, it is quick and easy to move and very effective. Takes minutes to put up and seconds to take down. Can be placed close to the edges of fields where pigeon tend to attack without upsetting any neighbours as they are silent. Virtually maintenance free – no need to refill with gas or daily launching making the Scare’m a time saving device. Giving you time to do more important jobs on the farm! We have found since using the Scare’m on our oil seed rape crop our yields have increased massively along with our profit margins making it a crop worth protecting.

Scare’m is very cost effective at only £89.95 plus VAT and postage and package.

How many Bird Scaring Kites do I need?

We recommend a Scare’m will protect approximately 20 acres of land.

How do I get a Scare’m?

Go here and place your order without delay!