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Unlike many other bird-scaring devices, the Scare’m Delta is always changing. It varies its manifestation by altering its flight pattern, speed and height depending on the strength of the wind.

It’s because it never stays still in one place and is constantly moving that pigeons adn other birds nver become accustomed to it. They see it as a constant potential threat to them lurking in the skies overhead, staring down at them wth those menacing eyes and it makes them to uneasy to settle.


What's in the box?

  • Delta kite
  • Comprehensive instructions
What's in the box?

The kite has been specifically designed by, and for, Scare’m.  It will dip and recover to imitate a bird of prey.  The kite is reinforced and stitched at all the wear points making it extraordinarily tough.

This package contains the Kite only.

Scare’m video guides

Introduction to Scare’m Kites

Rigging the Scare’m Hawk Kite


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What people are saying about Scarem bird-scaring kites

We put one in an 11 1/2 acre field, before combining this year. The pigeons were having a feast! The field has housing round one half of it. The Scare’m had only been up for a couple of days and there wasn’t a pigeon or crow in sight. Even people living in the houses came to us to say they weren’t getting harassed by the pigeons either. We’d used other methods of bird scaring which only worked short term and certainly wasn’t good for public relations!
Andrew Charlesworth

I employed one unit at our seven acre vineyard one month before harvest. To my surprise, most birds disappeared and the fruit survived intact. The only birds that were visible were a pair of kites circling high above and a daily visit from a marsh harrier. These raptors had all been attracted by your Scare’m kite, further enhancing its effect. Your product proved 100% effective and I strongly recommend it.
Phillip Watts

We bought our first Scarem at LAMMA and within 2 days we were back on the phone ordering another. He moves in all directions no matter how much or little wind there is and constantly keeps the pigeons away, it seems they cant get used to his constant changing movement, compared to flags which they ignore after a couple of days. We really can’t recommend this product enough or the friendly people on the phone.
Neil Yorkshire

Can I say thank you for your very quick delivery of my two scarem kites, ordered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday morning at 7.30am. I put them in two pea fields of about 14 acres each which seemed to have all the pigeons in England on them and have not seen one since, can’t believe how well they work. Thanks again.
David Brookfield

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