Here’s another thumbs up for your Scare’m.

We put one in an 11 1/2 acre field, before combining this year. The pigeons were having a feast! The field has housing round one half of it. The Scare’m had only been up for a couple of days and there wasn’t a pigeon or crow in sight. Even people living in the houses came to us to say they weren’t getting harassed by the pigeons either. We’d used other methods of bird scaring which only worked short term and certainly wasn’t good for public relations!
Andrew Charlesworth

Scarem 1  Crows 0

I am a full time dog trainer and when the crows decided after 30 years to destroy 40% of one of my training fields last year I prayed they didn’t move on to my two main training areas.

We came back from holiday two weeks ago to discover they had started on those fields, which if continued would literally have largely destroyed my business – you can’t train high speed agility dogs on unlevel, damaged surfaces and my indoor barn isn’t big enough for a full sized competition course. We came across the Scarem kite online and John amazingly answered the phone on a Sunday and we received the kit Tuesday morning.

Salvation! Have had no more damage since and the dogs are cool with their new overhead spectator.

Literally a life saver and I can thoroughly recommend the kite to anyone with similar issues.

Wendy Hill

John Wilson

After having to re-wash our laundry three times to rid it of seagull waste, we bought one of your kites. Magic!! All of the seagulls now avoid our garden despite a near neighbour feeding them. No more soiled laundry. What a simple answer to a difficult problem. Your after sales service is great too. Thanks for helping us sort this out, John & Joan.

Phillip Watts – Barnsole Vineyard Limited

Dear John,

I wanted to congratulate you on the development of the Scare’m bird scaring kite.

I employed one unit at our seven acre vineyard one month before harvest in 2014.  To my surprise, most birds disappeared and the fruit survived intact.  The only birds that were visible were a pair of kites circling high above and a daily visit from a marsh harrier.  These raptors had all been attracted by your Scare’m kite, further enhancing its effect.

Your product proved 100% effective and I strongly recommend it.

Yours sincerely,


Phillip Watts

Chris Johnson – Eurotunnel

The roof of Eurotunnel’s Passenger Terminal Building at Folkestone has a tensile canopy roof, which was constantly soiled by seagulls. This year was particularly bad, with many chicks hatching on site combined with a dry summer. Cleaning would only keep the canopy looking good for a few days.

I found Scarem kites on line and bought the orchard model, with a longer pole to fly the kite higher. We fabricated a mounting bracket to clamp to the roof.

The kite was installed before the last clean a month ago, and the result is remarkable. There has been no further soiling and no seagulls perch on the roof. I can thoroughly recommend the kites, not just for crops as originally designed, but for buildings too.

Scare'm Before

Before Scare’m

Scare'm - After

After Scare’m

Scare'm - Flying

Scare’m – Flying



Rob – Lake Tahoe, California, USA


I wanted to share with you a few pictures of my boat, buoyed at Lake Tahoe, California, with its new Scarem kite.

Boaters on the lake are all too familiar with area birds that take advantage of the convenient, safe, and sunny rest area that the many boats provide, spring, summer, and fall. My own boat had only been on the lake for less than a month before the cover was a mess with bird droppings.

My immediate solution was to place one of those plastic, stationary hawks that are popular. Two weeks later, upon returning, it was obvious that the stationary hawk was not only not effective, the birds seemingly mocked it. They were not deterred at all. My cover was even worse than the previous visit. Incensed, I went on a mission to find a better solution and discovered your site through diligent web search.

When I received my Scarem kite I was really surprised at the very high quality of the construction of all materials, from the sturdy sectioned rod and well crafted hinged carrying case.  I will admit, though, that I did have some concerns. First, that the frequent, higher winds at the lake could blow the kite away. Second, that the kite would not frighten the geese or seagulls (the real lake boat cover poluters).

Well, two weeks after installation I returned to the lake. Approaching the boat in a water taxi, I was very pleased to see that not only was the kite intact and swooping strong, back and forth in 10-20kt gusts that day (actual picture of my approach attached), but that there was absolutely no evidence that even a single bird had landed since installation! My cover was completely as spotless as it was when I cleaned it before installation of the kite. Contrast this with the neighboring boat (see picture).

As a bonus, the kite is very unique and attracts much positive attention. Like me, many in the marina have been trying all sorts solutions (flashy stuff, big scare-eye beach balls, etc). Boaters passing by have positive comments, and I am happy to refer them to your site.

Thank you for an excellent product and super value! It has already paid for itself.


Lake Tahoe, California, USA

David Brookfield – South Yorkshire

Hello, Can I say thank you for your very quick delivery of my 2 scarem kites, ordered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday morning at 7.30am.
I put them in 2 pea fields of about 14 acres each which seemed to have all the pigeons in England on them and have not seen one since, can’t believe how well they work.
Thanks Again
David Brookfield


What a superb product. Having always suffered from pigeon damage on our cabbage crop, we setup 2 Hawks on the 15 acre field as a last resort.
The result was unbelievable, with virtually 100% of the crop untouched by pigeons and a very happy customer.
I could not recommend your kites enough and I have since invested in many more.

Stoke Rochford Golf Club

From: Gareth Austin, Head Greenkeeper, Stoke Rochford Golf Club.

Over the last few years Rooks, Crow’s and Jackdaws have become more of a problem digging in our meadows and rough’s. Although away from play the damaged areas create a poor visual impact around the course. We have tried a number of options to disperse the feeding birds but all have seemed to have attracted more than it has scared or the sight of greenkeepers charging around the course waving arms and other items in the air haven’t gone down very well with the golfers… So with all ideas used, and failed, we fortunately discovered the Scare’m Hawk Kite. FANTASTIC the answer to a greenkeeper’s prayer, no birds and no noise to disrupt play. The Hawk kite worked from the moment we let it fly, no birds anywhere near and more importantly no disruption to playing golfers , and to prove it’s worth when the kite has been removed due to weather the feathery digging machines have quickly returned. Regular, moving every 3 -5 days, seems to keep the birds on the wing. The kite proved it’s realistic look when the club received a phone call from a local resident who wished to inform us that a bird of prey was stuck in one of our trees, when told her it was a kite she replied, “I’m not sure if it’s a Red Kite or Buzzard”, ” No madam it’s a kite used to scare birds” A very quiet phone line followed.. Very impressed, great service and a product that does what it says on the tin!

Neil, North Yorkshire

What a great product, we have bangers, flags, flashers and a gun and the Scarem bird is by far the best of them all, the 1000+ pigeons now sitting several fields away, also think he is very good at his job!!!

We bought our first Scarem at LAMMA 2011 and within 2 days we were back on the phone ordering another, he moves in all directions no matter how much or little wind there is and constantly keeps the pigeons away, it seems they cant get used to his constant changing movement, compared to flags which they ignore after a couple of days.

Our only complaint has been from a resident Buzzard who cant work out who this new comer is and has sat in a tree for 2 days watching him!

We really can’t recommend this product enough or the friendly people on the phone.

Whait Partners – Fencing and Farm Contractors

Dear Mr.Galloway,

I thought I would just drop you a few lines to let you know how successful your Scarem kites have been at keeping the pigeons off my Oil Seed Rape.

You may remember that I acquired five of your kites at the 2009 LAMMA show at Newark. The very next day I placed the kites on my rape fields and from then on I received no more damage to my crops.

The largest field of oil seed rape was 72 acres on which two kites was all that was needed; the smallest was 12 acres with just one kite.

Your Scarem kites are, by far, the best pigeon deterrent I have ever had the fortune of purchasing, no batteries to charge, no gas to buy, very easy put up and they don’t disturb the peace and tranquillity of the countryside with loud repetitive BANGS!!!

I look forward to the next growing season with great confidence knowing I will be able to keep my oil seed rape PIGEON FREE!!!!!!!